Authoring is a complex process which involves a special method of combining video and audio materials. The video and audio data streams are merged and recorded in such a way so that they comply with the DVD-Video specifications. These data are being created from properly prepared files containing video, sound, and graphics and then coded to create one consistent unit conforming the DVD-Video specifications.


Authoring may involve:

– encoding the vision of DVD-video to MPEG-2
– encoding the sound of DVD-video to Dolby Digital or DTS or MPEG audio or LPCM
– graphic creation
– adaptation of subtitles
– designing menus and navigation
– linking all the audio-video elements appropriately so that it is manageable by the user
– saving the final image on the appropriate medium (DVD-R, DLT, DVD-R for authoring, portable hard disc) so that it can be subsequently used in the mastering process.

Due to the complex nature of authoring, this service is approached on an individual basis. For further details, please contact our Sales Department.