Mastering is the first phase of compact discs production.

Its first stage is to check the client’s material in terms of the recording correctness. Information on how to properly prepare the material for mastering and generate a checksum can be found in the FAQ. The verified material is burned on a glass disc. The process is similar to burning a disc in the computer recorder, however, the medium is entirely different. Next, the glass master is metallized and goes to the galvanic chamber where nickel vapour is deposited onto it. From the nickel peeled off the glass, the stamper is made which, after being mechanically processed, is ready to be used for pressing to produce optical discs.

plyty poprawkiThe stamper is tested for mechanical flaws and its electro-optical parameters are determined.

For manufacturing a CD one stamper is required. Dual-layer DVDs and BDs may need 2 stampers. On average, stamper t is sufficient to produce approximately 100,000 CDs and 50,000 DVDs

Stampers can be used repeatedly. XDISC stores all the stampers, which allows for production to be quickly resumed.

If you want to resume particular production, all you have to do is to quote our unique stamper number*, which refers to the data store on a medium; the printing can be modified.

* the number can be found on the metallized side of a disc, or on the invoice.