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XDiSC - Your CD| DVD | VINYL pressing plant

We produce all types of optical media: CD-R, CD, CD mini, DVD, Blu-Ray and vinyl records. We are proud to share that we have over 1,000 active customers from all over Europe and over 100,000 completed projects around the world.

We have been producing records for 20 years. At XDiSC, we combine modernity with tradition – we press vinyl records, both on automatic and manual presses. Using the manual press, we are able to create unique effects on your record.

We also place our customers’ music (as well as audiobooks and podcasts) on streaming services for paid listening or downloading. We handle the entire aggregation process. Just one contract to get your music or other audio content on 140 services worldwide.

People – experts and music/film enthusiasts – are our company’s most important asset. . We employ over 250 specialists. We have been working 24/7 for 19 years, which gives 166,440 hours in total. All this, to ensure that our customers are fully satisfied with our services, at every stage of the project.

We offer comprehensive services: from design, packaging, through the process of pressing vinyl and digital records, printing, packaging and distributing the finished product. We deal with the entire process of digital audio distribution in 140 services around the world.

We carry out both standard and personalized orders, all while providing excellent quality, competitive prices and completion dates.

We provide quality

We control the quality at every stage of production, while maintaining a consistently high standard of services thanks to our team of professionals, our own machine park and modern technological facilities. As a licensed manufacturer, we produce discs in accordance with the technical specifications of patent solutions.

Without limitations

We are able to complete almost any – even the most unusual – order, regardless of the amount of copies and the complexity of the design or packaging. Contact our Sales Department for individual pricing.

We respect your time and resources

We offer comprehensive services: from design, packaging, through the process of pressing vinyl and digital records, printing, packaging and distribution. We provide competitive prices and completion dates. We always adapt the offer to our customer’s needs. We do the same in the digital distribution process.

We value comfort and safety

Each of our customers has a personal advisor, who presents possible solutions and supervises the order throughout the entire process. The materials used during production are secured and archived, at the customer’s request.

We are eco-friendly

We are a Polish company for which it is important to take care of its surroundings. That is why we try to keep our carbon footprint as small as possible. The recovered heat from the machines heats our offices. We obtain a large part of the energy for the production process thanks to photovoltaic panels on our roof. In addition, efficiently designed production lines save electricity. The paints used in our projects are 100% ecological, and production waste is returned to the production process or we use it to make decorative elements, e.g. wall clocks.