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Pressing vinyl records

Vinyl records are analog sound carriers made of polyvinyl chloride pellets. We offer you a full range of vinyl records, both in terms of size and appearance.

Standard vinyl records can be pressed using not only a classic black color, but also in a wide range of colors. The catalog of basic colors and effects, as well as detailed information, specifications, die cuts and patterns can be found in the Download tab.

However, if you do not find what you’re interested in, please contact our Sales Department. We always price and discuss non-standard projects individually.

Vinyl records hold no secrets from us!

Two types of stampers

At XDiSC we use two mastering methods: DMM (Direct Metal Mastering) and Lacquer ACETATE.

The DMM process is a bit shorter and the cutting lathe for DMM engraves the audio signal directly onto a copper-plated master disc.

After cleaning, the disc can immediately be turned into a nickel master or a negative master, while the acetate lacquer cutting requires coating the disc with liquid silver.

For the average user, the type and size of the master disc translates into the length of the recording of the audio track on a vinyl record. DMM holds up to 25 minutes of music per side. Acetate up to 18 minutes of music per side.

Classic black

Classic black vinyl are the most frequently chosen ones. We press 140 g and 180 g formats. You will find both classic 12” records, as well as 10” and 7” ones (for singles and maxi-singles) in our offer. Smaller vinyl records are also available in color, multi-color or with effects.


Color vinyl is quite popular and has become a unique collectible.

We have a wide range of colors. If you’re not sure what to choose, you can order vinyl records with an A side B side effect or the translucent option. The full palette of available colors can be found in our downloadable catalog.

Send us a sample or provide the Pantone Process Color number of your choice and we will select the closest color.


Splatter vinyl allows an interesting effect of longitudinally dispersed colors, adding a unique touch to your project.


Vinyl with a color structure resembling marble. The effect allows you to combine different colors and achieve wonderful swirls and whisps.

Color in color & Bi color

These beautiful vinyl effects come from two types of pairing colors. SPLASH / BLOB: translucent base color + opaque color or SWIRL: two opaque colors.

Each effect is done on manual presses, which ensures that your vinyl will be unforgettable!


Our offer includes a wide selection of packaging – cardboard, paper, PVC, sleeves, eco-packs, digipacks.

We also offer non-standard packaging at request.

The guidelines for print and packaging designs can be found in the DOWNLOAD section. 

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