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Antiskating as correct turntable calibration- how to do it?

Good equipment and the best record releases are not an instant guarantee of the best sound. Proper turntable calibration is also necessary. One of the most important parameters we need to deal with is anti-skating. If we do it incorrectly or skip it altogether, we will quickly damage our records! Our special XDiSC record will be helpful in adjusting the anti-skating.

The anti-skating record is a completely blank record on both sides (has no music on it). Yes, a clean record is helpful for proper anti-skating adjustment. Having a clean record on both sides is undoubtedly an advantage, especially if one side has been damaged.

The instructions for using this record are very simple; you just need to remember a few key points. First and foremost, before calibrating this parameter, the turntable must have the correct alignment, azimuth, and needle tracking force. If we have the option to adjust the VTA parameter, we should also do it before setting the anti-skating. Each of these parameters should be adjusted on a leveled turntable.

Using the record itself is straightforward—it is similar to playing a record with recorded music. Of course, in this case, we are not focusing on the sounds coming from the speakers but rather on how the needle behaves during its movement on the record.

Additionally, in the top part of the box, we have included a graphical representation of the parameter settings. We have illustrated several possible situations, such as excessive or insufficient compensation, as well as the ideal position for guiding the needle in the groove. The presentation is very clear and readable.

Is it worth investing in such a record? It is a similar situation to when someone asks us if we care about the condition of our records—we don’t even need to answer because the answer is self-evident. Undoubtedly, it is a very useful gadget that every vinyl sound enthusiast should regularly use.