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+48 885 885 549 ul. Heliotropów 45/53, 04-796 Warsaw, Poland
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Automatic production line

XDiSC stocks American-made manual pressing machines that still remember the glory days of vinyl records. Now they are joined by the first fully automatic pressing machine from Pheenix Alpha. Compared to other machines of this type, it is a real rarity: the production time of one long-playing record is only 25 seconds. It is not difficult to count how much more efficient it is in comparison with traditional, fully manual machines, in which the process of obtaining the medium is more than twice as long. Already one such machine provides huge capacity: nominally 100,000 vinyl records can be produced on it per month! What’s more, the contract includes the delivery of a dozen such machines.

Thanks to this investment, XDiSC will join the ranks of the largest pressing plants in the world to further meet not only the expectations of Polish music labels, but also to respond more efficiently to the growing demand from other countries! The Warsaw pressing plant will be able to fulfill orders from all over the world even faster.

The new lines will provide a new dimension to our pressing plant. We will significantly increase production capacity, shorten production deadlines for our customers, improve product quality and increase repeatability. The AD12 is the first line delivered and installed this year. The contract with the manufacturer includes the delivery of multiple lines in 2022, and we will install more at intervals of several weeks,” says XdiSC CEO Wojciech Wróbel.

More machines will soon arrive at our stamping plant.