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Can you release an album without a record label?

With the advancement of technology and the availability of independent publishing channels, releasing a music album without the support of a record label is becoming an increasingly viable option. This path provides artists with more control over their works and allows them to experiment with various aspects of production and promotion. However, it is worth considering whether independently releasing an album is always the best solution.

Independent publishing path

Independent album release is now becoming more popular and accessible to a significantly larger number of musicians, thanks to technological developments, streaming platforms, and social media. This grants independent artists full control over their creativity, a priority for every creator. Independent artists do not need to worry about commercial trends or label expectations, gaining the freedom to experiment with music and lyrics.

In the case of independently releasing an album, an artist typically earns more from sales since they don’t have to share profits with a record label. This means greater financial control and a higher profit margin, which can be particularly crucial at the beginning of a career when every earned penny counts.

Challenges for independent artists

However, independently releasing an album requires significant self-discipline and the artist’s involvement in all stages of the process. From recording and production to promotion, the artist is responsible for many tasks, which can be demanding, especially for newcomers.

Album release is costly. The artist must invest in recording and production. Lack of financial support from a record label means all costs rest on the artist, which can be a challenging endeavor, especially at the start of a career. But it undoubtedly provides a sense of independence!

In such a situation, it’s crucial to note that the minimum quantity we offer at XDiSC is 100 units. This applies to both vinyl and CD releases. And if you decide on a combined order of vinyl and CD (100 units or more), you can certainly expect a more favorable pricing offer.

When to release an album independently?

Independently releasing an album is an attractive option for musicians who want to retain full control over their creativity and are willing to invest time and effort in promoting and developing their careers. It’s particularly beneficial for artists with a specific market position who want the freedom to experiment with music without limiting themselves to specific genres or commercial trends. Ultimately, the choice between independently releasing an album and collaborating with a record label depends on the individual goals and preferences of each artist.