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Colorful or unusual patterns/effects of vinyl records? Now it’s possible.

Not so long ago, they were lying in our basements or hidden somewhere deep in the wardrobe, now they are considered a scarce commodity that is gaining in value – we are talking about vinyl records that are coming back into fashion, both in Poland and abroad. We can buy them in a modern form, in unusual patterns and in various colors.

Which vinyl records do we choose most often?

Most often, classic black vinyl records are still chosen, they are available in 12-inch, 10-inch or 7-inch versions. The latest trend indicates an increase in interest in unusual vinyls. These are chosen in colors, with various patterns offered by manufacturers, but also according to your own design. Also popular are splatter vinyls, which have a very interesting effect of longitudinally dispersed colors, marble vinyls, whose structure resembles marble, or absolutely unique vinyls, the so-called color in color & bi color, the effects of which are pressed on manual presses, thanks to which the vinyl will be original, unique and inimitable.

Returning fashion for vinyl records.

Just a dozen or so years ago, it seemed like a dead medium. Nowadays, more and more contemporary artists release their music on vinyl records. Vinyl records are currently experiencing a renaissance. What is their secret? While streaming has dominated music distribution for years, at the same time we are witnessing a great return of the most classic medium, i.e. vinyl records. In 2020, historical statistics were recorded: for the first time in almost 4 decades, sales of black records brought more profits than sales of CDs. This may seem incomprehensible – after all, using a turntable is not as convenient as putting an album on a streaming service with a few clicks. So why the sudden rise in popularity? The characteristic sound of a large black plate and the crackle of a gramophone – for many it is the definition of home warmth and the source of countless childhood memories. Longing for an analog music vehicle also appears in the younger generations, although they do not remember its heyday. Retromania – an old fashion from a bygone era – is back in fashion, language and music. As vinyl enthusiasts emphasize, the ritual itself plays a big role in listening to music from the turntable: turning off the lights, selecting a specific record from the shelf and playing it on the device. It’s a great way to calm your mind and an alternative to the constant stream of new technologies we’re used to. Listening to music from the phone on the way to work, we do not capture as many nuances as when playing music from vinyl records in our private home enclave. Longing for the pre-computer times is one of the main factors in the growth of the popularity of classic recordings.