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Colorful vinyls – the most popular effects on vinyl records

A vinyl record is often called a “black disc” due to the color of the material from which it was only made in the past. However, vinyl doesn’t have to be black at all. A very interesting proposition for vinyl lovers are discs in original shades, and even with graphic effects.

Why is vinyl black?

The polyvinyl chloride from which the records are made is not black at all in its natural form. It is rather transparent, with a milky tint, and the black color is the result of adding a pigment with a high carbon content. It was not about the color, but about improving the sound and liveliness of the disc, but today black vinyl is more a matter of tradition than the actual impact of carbon on the quality of the pressed disc.

Colorful vinyls – unique collections

In XDiSC it is possible to press a vinyl record in any color. When placing your order, simply indicate your preferred shade and the entire run will be, for example, purple, yellow or blue. Nothing stands in the way of more colors for one run, there are also transparent discs or with a bi-colour effect, combining two selected shades.

Splatter vinyl also look very impressive, on which the colors are effectively dispersed, creating an interesting, abstract pattern on the entire surface of the record. Yet another idea to make the vinyl collection more attractive are slabs with a marble effect – the colors are so shaded that they resemble the structure of marble. Records with a color in color finish also look unusual – each disc is made on a manual press, so even in a large batch of discs you will not be able to find two identical ones – each is unique in its own way. Vinyl prepared in this way have a chance to achieve high value among collectors.

Does the color of the disc affect the sound quality?

A colored record sounds the same as a black one. Pressing music on a differently colored disc does not deteriorate the sound quality, it only changes its appearance and makes it more unique. When pressing vinyl, the source material, matrix preparation and proper supervision of the entire record production process are more important, which is why you can confidently order color editions without fear that listeners after being delighted with the graphic design, will be disappointed by the weaker sound.