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ECO LABEL- our new ecological CD/DVD printing technology

Three ECO reasons why we have prepared this product for our customers:

  1. The CD/DVD does not have a traditional full overprint, we use our latest technology – ECO LABEL, i.e. laser overprint directly on the disc.
  2. The packaging is made of 100% recycled paper.
  3. It has not been varnished and the graphics on it were made of ecological paints.

We know how important the health of our clients is. We also know that caring for the environment is a priority for them. And these are the reasons that guided us in preparing the product in the ECO LABEL technology.

ECO LABEL is our latest technology in which the graphics are applied directly to a CD or DVD using a laser. ECO LABEL gives two options for applying graphics: a mirror in the background (dark inscription) or a mirror inscription (dark background).

Thanks to the use of our latest ECO LABEL technology, we are able to reduce electricity consumption by over 4 MWh with one million units made, i.e. as much as two households consume in a year. ECO LABEL is also characterized by limiting the amount of paint used on the record. We apply it only to the graphic elements on the packaging that are necessary for the customer. This process (with a million copies) allows for reducing CO2 emissions by over 3 tons, i.e. as much as 1 car driving on Polish roads for about 1.5 years.

In this way, we have reduced the carbon footprint related to the product created according to ECO LABEL to the minimum currently possible in the technological process.

In addition, in the production process, we used 100% ecological materials such as recycled paper or biodegradable paints. And the disc elements that are waste, such as the intake, i.e. the hole inside the record, are recycled. At the customer’s request, the presented packaging can also be replaced with an envelope.

Although being ECO cannot be estimated. The educational value and social responsibility associated with the selection of this solution cannot be overestimated. For many of our clients, the company’s offer presented in this way (on the ECO LABEL CD/DVD) will be an indicator of social commitment and the values that guide the company’s operation. It will also define the standard of conduct and indicate the direction in which such institutions should follow in the 21st century, ordering the relationship between business and society.