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How is the printing done on DVD discs?

Every DVD disc in its original version looks the same. However, if an interesting print is added to it, it will no longer seem boring, and it will be easier to identify. How can such a disc be prepared?

Professional Printing

It’s rather difficult to do it yourself because special printers are needed for creating prints, and purchasing one doesn’t make much sense if you only need to prepare a few discs. Labels cannot be attached to DVD discs, so self-adhesive stickers are out of the question. Markers used for writing on discs won’t provide the same visual effect as professional printing, and they may smudge or fade.

The best option is to commission the printing to a specialized company. XDiSC offers both printing and project preparation. There are two printing techniques to choose from: offset or screen printing. Offset printing works great for complex graphic designs, photographs, or reproductions – the image is accurately reproduced without losing the original colors and graphic details. Screen printing is a good choice for projects dominated by heavily saturated, intense colors.

The basis for creating the print is a graphic file provided by the customer – it must have a sufficiently high resolution and a font size of at least 4.5 points; otherwise, the text may not be legible. Offset and screen printing are done exclusively on pressed DVD discs. The print can be additionally enhanced by adding a varnish, and in screen printing, metallic or fluorescent inks can be used.

Why is it worth doing prints on DVD discs?

Printing is the best way to personalize a disc because it immediately indicates the material it contains. This information makes it easier to identify the disc – there’s no need to insert it into a player to check what recording is on it. It also helps avoid mistakes and inserting the disc into the wrong case.

Discs with prints are more appealing because an interesting graphic design serves as excellent advertising for the content on the DVD, and the print doesn’t in any way degrade the quality of the material during playback.