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How to properly adjust the turntable’s needle/stylus?

In XDiSC, we not only love music, but we also ensure that you experience it in the best quality. That’s why we’re sharing with you a few simple steps on how to properly calibrate the needle/stylus on your turntable.

Stylus Pressure – One of the most crucial aspects of needle adjustment is the appropriate pressure applied to the surface of the vinyl record. The pressure needs to be adjusted according to the needle’s specifications and depends on the type and model of your turntable. Excessive pressure can lead to faster wear and tear of both the record and the needle, potentially causing sound distortion. Conversely, too little pressure may result in inaccurate information retrieval from the grooves.

Azimuth – Adjusting the azimuth of the needle is equally important. Azimuth is the angle at which the needle contacts the record’s groove. If not properly set, it can lead to asymmetric sound playback, affecting the overall audio quality. Therefore, it’s essential to pay attention to this parameter and fine-tune it accurately.

Tonarm Balance – The tonarm is the arm of the turntable where the needle is located. Make sure the tonarm is properly balanced. Otherwise, the needle may exert excessive pressure on the record, impacting sound quality and potentially causing damage.

Stylus Cleaning – Regularly cleaning the needle is essential to maintain excellent sound quality. Contaminants on the needle can disrupt playback and affect the sound. However, remember to use appropriate tools and gentle movements to avoid damaging the needle.

Counterweight Balance – If your turntable has a counterweight, ensure it is properly balanced. The counterweight compensates for the weight of the tonarm and the needle, allowing you to precisely adjust the needle’s pressure on the record.

Remember that a well-adjusted turntable will allow you to enjoy music in the highest quality and extend the lifespan of your vinyl records.

We hope that our tips will help you fully appreciate your music experience!

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