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How to release a CD – a guide for amateurs.

To release your own CD, a contract with a major record label is not necessary at all. Every artist can do it independently, although it will require certain financial investments and commitment to the whole process. Where should you start?

Recording preparation

Everything starts with preparing the material for the CD. When the artist has finished musical pieces, they just need to record and mix them. Music should be recorded with professional equipment, preferably in a studio; otherwise, the sound quality will be unsatisfactory. Recordings intended for CD pressing must be in the appropriate format – detailed specifications for music files can be found on the XDiSC website under “downloads.”

The cost of recording your own CD depends on many factors, including the number of instruments used, musicians, special effects, composition style, and its level of difficulty. Purchasing your own equipment and adapting the room for recording can be more expensive than renting a studio.

Pressing or simple copying?

You can simply copy the finished material onto blank CDs. This solution is much cheaper than professional CD pressing because all you need to do is buy blank discs, a recorder, and basic CD recording software. It also does not require any special skills or experience.

CD pressing is more expensive, but it results in much higher-quality discs. At XDiSC, you can order even a small run (minimum 100 pieces), and they will be produced just like the discs of a well-known artist. During CD pressing, the original sound of the recorded material is preserved – each disc is created from the same matrix, and the entire process is constantly monitored. Pressed CDs are much more durable, and even after many years of use, the music still sounds great.

CD artwork

The visual design of the CD is also important. Its purpose is to attract the attention of potential listeners and convey the character of the recording. Therefore, it is worth investing in a good design and careful execution. The artist can independently design the appearance and packaging of the CD or commission it to professionals. The finished graphic design is included with the order, and the pressed CDs are packed in covers and prepared for shipping on-site. All of this happens under one roof at XDiSC.