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Picture disc- attracts with colorful pictures and limited editions

A picture disc is one of the more intriguing releases on the physical media market – they attract with colorful pictures and usually limited editions.

Contrary to appearances, a picture disc is not produced solely from foil and a paper picture. In this case, vinyl mass is also needed, specifically transparent! Another element necessary for the production of our picture disc is the one responsible for the “wow” effect! We’re talking, of course, about our picture. It needs to be produced on special foil and dried very well.

Before starting the pressing process, each production element must be prepared. The graphics should be cut into the chosen shape. It can fill the entire surface of the side or be just a small element of the puzzle. After giving the appropriate shape, the picture should be dried again to remove all accumulated moisture. With all the puzzle pieces ready, we can start production. We place a set of matrices on the press and arrange our vinyl sandwich. On the bottom, we place a part of the biscuit and one layer of foil with the graphic (illustration facing down), then the second foil with the graphic facing up, and the second part of the biscuit. And now the pressing can begin.

Picture disc is a popular format for music releases, especially for collector’s albums. This type of record is often cherished by music fans precisely because of its aesthetic qualities.