+48 885 885 549 ul. Heliotropów 45/53, 04-796 Warsaw, Poland
+48 885 885 549 ul. Heliotropów 45/53, 04-796 Warsaw, Poland
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Polish company XDiSC presses vinyl records for artists worldwide!

Vinyl records are experiencing a renaissance, and more and more artists choose to release their material on “black discs” because nothing emphasizes the depth of sound like a professionally recorded vinyl. XDiSC has been handling similar orders for years, including those from international artists, which gives them significant experience.

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XDiSC has been producing vinyl records for over 20 years. While the process is largely automated, the company also takes on individual orders that use manual presses. This ensures that each record is unique and cannot be replicated.

To date, XDiSC has successfully completed over a hundred thousand orders to press records, and their active customer base exceeds a thousand users. Their agreements can involve pressing vinyl records only or preparing both vinyl and CD records or other optical media. Importantly, the material undergoes appropriate processing depending on the type of record. In other words, both vinyl and CD records go through separate mastering processes.

We’ve worked on records for top global artists. Often, our customers are unaware that when browsing records in stores in London, Tokyo, or Chicago, these were pressed at XDiSC in Warsaw. This is because contractual terms with publishers sometimes prevent us from boasting about it, for various reasons: logistical or artistic. Of course, we respect this because we value the artist’s vision and the publisher’s, and our job is to prepare the highest quality media so that the creative work sounds its best and in line with that vision.

What does order fulfillment at XDiSC look like?

Vinyl records are analog sound carriers made from polyvinyl chloride granules. XDiSC employs two cutting methods: DMM and Lacquer ACETATE. DMM is faster, and the matrix is made directly on a copper disc. Moreover, with DMM, you can fit up to 25 minutes of music on one side, while Acetate allows a maximum of 18 minutes. XDiSC customers most commonly choose records in 140g and 180g formats. They press both classic LPs, as well as smaller singles and maxisingles (7″ or 10″).

Vinyl records are typically black, but XDiSC also offers colored records and those with special effects, which are highly appreciated by collectors. The quality of the edition is emphasized by the packaging – you can order paper boxes, cardboard, PVC, digipaks, ecopacks, and custom orders are also fulfilled. After the finishing process, pressed vinyl records are delivered to the customer, and an extensive logistics network ensures safe delivery to any location in Europe, the United States, Africa, or Asia.