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Portal Winylowy is a place for enthusiasts of good music and vinyl records.

If you want to stay up-to-date with what’s happening in the vinyl world, if you’re interested in news, release information, and trivia, then Portal Winylowy is the place you should visit regularly. Portal Winylowy is a direct continuation of Psychosonda. The editorial team consists of absolute enthusiasts of good music and vinyl records. On the portal, you will read information exclusively about vinyl records, turntables, equipment, and the broad vinyl culture.

Portal Winylowy is created by specialists who appreciate various aspects of vinyl records: not only the great sound and unique editions but also a completely different – much deeper – perspective on a music album. It’s 100% attention devoted to art. Musicians, publishers, collectors, organizers of vinyl events, shop owners, and all those for whom vinyl records are an unforgettable adventure, who want to develop their passion and knowledge, and meet like-minded people, will find their place here.

You will find various types of content: serious educational articles, reviews, news from the vinyl world, interviews, and also light-hearted columns soaked in good humor. As XDiSC, we hope, and we are convinced, that you will feel good on the Portal Winylowy! But see for yourselves: www.portalwinylowy.pl