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Records pressing – everything you need to know

Despite the popularity of streaming, creators still record albums on physical media. Any records pressing is a completely different process than recording music on CDs at home, simply by computer. What exactly does it look like?

Vinyl or CDs?

Vinyl records undergoing a renaissance are not only those old discs pressed several decades ago, but also completely new productions, because many artists decide to release music on this medium. Is it really such a good move for the artist? In favor of “black discs” is the high sound quality, while CDs are more handy, you can listen to them outside the home, and well-produced music will also sound good on it.

At XDiSC you can order both vinyl and CD pressings. The quantity of the run is determined individually, according to the customer’s needs – however, the minimum quantity in both cases is 100 pieces. Before pressing, authoring is carried out, i.e. preparing the sound for further processing. Then, during mastering, a matrix is created, on the basis of which the entire ordered edition will be pressed.

Are vinyl more expensive than other media?

Vinyl uses analog sound, which makes the format more expensive than CDs or streaming files. However, this cost is fully justified, because vinyl provide better quality sound. Of course, the sound is also determined by the turntable that plays records and how we take proper care of our collection, but you don’t need to be an outstanding expert to feel the difference between vinyl and other media.

Vinyl records produced today also sound great, although this applies only to discs that use recordings specifically mastered for vinyl – some artists, to save on costs, prepare vinyl records based on the same material that goes to CDs. Does this mean that the sound quality on compact discs is by definition inferior? Of course not, because digital sound also has its undeniable advantages, and as in the case of vinyl, not only the type of carrier determines the final result.

Only professional presses

XDiSC performs quality control for each run. Records are checked for their sound and appearance, and test presses, i.e. trial copies, can be ordered for each order to check whether the issued record sounds as it should.