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What should you know before ordering a CD/DVD or vinyl pressing?

Has that day finally come? After years of polishing and refining your tracks, you finally have material for your dream album? Then all that’s left is to release it!

Find out about the criteria you need to meet before pressing vinyl or CD/DVD at XDiSC.

  1. We do not make single copies. The minimum number we can make is: 100 pcs. for CD/DVD and 100 pcs. for vinyl.
  2. The ordering party must have the copyright to the material to be pressed on the discs. They cannot be some artist’s files downloaded from the Internet. Pressing someone else’s intellectual property is prohibited.
  3. Graphic designs for labels, booklets or covers must be the property of the ordering party. We cannot make a copy of intellectual property that belongs to someone else. Copying someone else’s intellectual property is prohibited.
  4. The waiting time for CD/DVD production is 2 weeks. The waiting time for the production of vinyl records is 12 weeks. We count the time from the moment of confirmation that the materials (music and graphics) sent to us are compliant with the specification.
  5. Recommended time and capacity of the material to be pressed:
  • on CD/DVD:

– CD-AUDIO is approx. 74 minutes, CD-ROM is approx. 700 MB/80 minutes,

– DVD-5 is approx. 4.7 GB/120 minutes, DVD-9 is approx. 8.5 GB/240 minutes.

  • on vinyl:


– 12” – 33 (rpm) – 19 minutes, 45 (rpm) – 10:30 minutes,

– 10” – 33 (rpm) – 11 minutes, 45 (rpm) – 8 minutes,

– 7” – 33 (rpm) – 6 minutes, 45 (rpm) – 4 minutes.


– 12” – 33 (rpm) – 16 minutes, 45 (rpm) – 9 minutes,

– 10” – 33 (rpm) – 10 minutes, 45 (rpm) – 7:30 minutes,

– 7” – 33 (rpm) – 5 minutes, 45 (rpm) – 3:30 minutes.

  1. Due to the large number of details to be determined before production, such as the type of packaging, printing on the discs or their quantity, we do not have a single price list that we use. Each project is made individually depending on the needs of our clients.


It is important that the ordering party reads the specification of both audio and graphic materials available on our website. Well-prepared material will speed up the production process.


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