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Where is it worth buying vinyl records and what should you pay attention to?

In recent years, vinyl sales have started to increase and there are more and more people who appreciate the music recorded on these records. The problem is that despite the growing popularity, the availability of vinyl is quite limited – where to look for them and how do you know that they are of really good quality?

A reputable music store

Of course, vinyl records are best found in music stores. However, it should be an institution known for its high standards, and it’s not just about the availability of the offer – vinyls are delicate and easily damaged, which is why the store must take care of their proper storage, optimal temperature and air humidity, protection against too frequent touching of records by customers.

Vinyl second-hand shops

Old editions of vinyl records will be easier to find in an antique shop or a vinyl second-hand shops. Places specializing in vinyl collections are especially recommended, which increases the chances that the seller will be competent, the records are kept in good conditions, and the offer is very rich and even demanding music lovers will find something for themselves.

Internet auctions

A huge selection of vinyl records can be found on the Internet today. The sale of “black discs” is done by both music stores and private individuals, who often can boast of an exceptionally rich collection. Before buying a vinyl online, it is worth making sure that the record is in good condition and will be sent in a properly secured package, which will prevent it from being damaged during transport.

Who is responsible for pressing?

Vinyl records have their producers, and although the pressing process looks roughly the same, the details are important, such as the quality of the equipment, types of matrices used, source files. It is worth choosing vinyl from proven pressing plants, such as XDiSC, because a properly produced record will last longer, and the sound played will actually be as good as the fans expect.

Condition more important than age

Vinyl records do not last forever, although quality is not so much determined by their age as by good maintenance. There should be absolutely no scratches on the disc you buy, as this may prevent the disc from playing at all. Vinyl must not be bent or chipped at the edges. Their exposure says a lot about the condition of the record – if the vinyls are lying on top of each other, without protective envelopes, in poorly ventilated and dusty places, then probably their sound quality leaves much to be desired.