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Why is it worth releasing your vinyl record? (5 reasons)

Vinyl records are more than just music. Some love them, others are completely indifferent, but they have been keeping a loyal fan base for years. If you’re a musician or music producer and are considering releasing a vinyl record, you should definitely get to know the 5 reasons why it’s worth doing it!

#1 In 2022, vinyl sales were higher than CD sales for the first time in 35 years.
#2 Young people love them! Over half of vinyl buyers are under 25 years old.
#3 Vinyl records are cherished for their “touch.” Vinyl possesses a certain authenticity that CDs, mp3s, or streaming services can’t provide.
#4 Vinyl records are unique. Artists and record labels produce only a limited number of records. Just for the biggest fans.
#5 People who collect vinyl will never stop – it’s part of their personality! They often buy two copies of the same edition. One for their collection (never opened) and one for listening.

That vinyl records are unique is known to anyone who has ever heard the sound of music coming from a turntable. Write to us, and you’ll find out how to get your music on an analog record.

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