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Why should you buy vinyl records?

For a short time, the vinyl record seemed to be a relic of the past, but its value has been rediscovered by users. Vinyls can be bought today not only in music shops, but also in second-hand shops, street stalls, flea markets, and online auctions. What is the reason for such a purchase?

Incredible sound quality

At first glance, vinyls don’t seem to make much sense today, especially when looking at what digital sound carriers look like – vinyl discs are large, uncomfortable, not very practical, there are no portable players for them, they scratch and bend easily, if only you forget about them for a while. So why are so many people still using them? It’s not just nostalgia for old times.

The phenomenon of vinyl records lies primarily in their sound, regardless of whether they were made a long time ago, using the traditional method, or were pressed in a more modern way, as in XDiSC. The sound in the digital version never sounds as good as the one on vinyl – analog recordings are not so heavily compressed and the process of their preparation in the recording studio is completely different. Therefore, listening to exactly the same song on a vinyl record and then on a CD, you can easily pick up the differences in sound, and you don’t need to have an outstanding musical ear for that.

Real music listening

What at the time of the debut of CDs seemed to be a disadvantage of vinyl is now considered their great advantage. Listening to music from a vinyl record is a completely different experience – you have to carefully take the disc out of the packaging, wipe it with a cloth before playing it, set the needle properly, and approach the adapter every few minutes to change the side or insert a new disc. Many people appreciate these rituals, because thanks to this, music is no longer just a background for other activities.

Is vinyl a good investment?

Vinyls can fetch really exorbitant prices if they are well-maintained, collector’s copies, no longer available in regular sales, limited editions, special editions with attractive extras such as stickers or posters. A collection of vinyl records collected over the years is usually of high value, and old vinyls found on the Internet can often be bought for next to nothing and resold after a while for several times the price.