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DMM Dubplate by XDiSC

We a proud to introduce this unique product- one of a kind and not intended for mass production! The DMM Dubplate by XDiSC was made on a special DMM lathe, where the sound was transferred to a steel plate covered with copper- on one side, using a diamond needle. For this process, a 12,5-inch DMM-Master was used, which is usually the first element of a complex vinyl pressing process. For technical reasons, a DMM Dubplate by XDiSC is slightly larger in size than a regular vinyl record. Despite this, it is possible to play it on any turntable without changing the pressure of the arm. The disc prepared in this way helps to bypass the little loss of sound quality caused by additional disc production steps, such as plating processes and vinyl pressing. Only one side of the DMM Dubplate by XDiSC is recordable, the copper side.

DMM Dubplate by XDiSC avoids problems such as pops. High-purity copper has a very low self-noise and clicking noises are very rare. This method is considered one of the best mastering techniques in vinyl production. That is why such discs are very desirable by their lovers, who appreciate the high sound quality and exceptional character of the recordings.

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