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Tips and tricks for fans of vinyl records

Vinyl records have enjoyed unflagging popularity among music lovers for years. For many of them, it is not only a way to listen to music, but also a hobby and passion. If you are a vinyl fan and want to fully enjoy their sound, it is worth following a few simple rules and using the right accessories. In this article, we will provide tips and tricks for fans of vinyl records.

What should you keep in mind when owning vinyl records?

Here are some valuable tips:

  1. Storage

The first and most important element is the proper storage of vinyl records. They should be stored in an upright position to avoid deformation. You can use special vinyl stands to help keep them upright. Sudden changes in temperature and humidity should also be avoided as this can adversely affect sound quality.

  1. Cleaning

Vinyl records should be cleaned regularly to avoid the accumulation of dust and dirt on the surface. There are special vinyl cleaners that effectively remove dirt and improve sound quality. You can also use special brushes that will allow you to thoroughly clean the grooves. In any case, however, you must be gentle.

  1. Cartridges and styluses

Cartridges and styluses are elements that have a direct impact on the sound quality of a vinyl record. So it’s a good idea to replace the needles and cartridges regularly to get the best sound. Good quality needles and cartridges can greatly improve the sound quality of a record.

  1. Speed adjustment

Vinyl records play at different speeds depending on the type of disc. It is worth paying attention to the correct speed adjustment to get the best sound quality. There are special speed control devices available on the market to help you get the playback speed right.

  1. Suitable devices

Almost the last thing to consider is the right devices. To play vinyl records, it is worth using a good turntable and amplifier, which will ensure high quality sound. It is also worth thinking about good speakers or headphones that will allow you to fully experience the sound of vinyl.

  1. Equipment calibration

Good equipment and the best record’s editions do not immediately guarantee the best sound. The turntable needs to be properly calibrated. One of the most important parameters we have to deal with is anti-skating. First of all, before starting the calibration, the turntable must have the oath, azimuth and stylus pressure set. If you  have the option to set the VTA parameter, you should also do it before setting the anti-skating. If you do it wrong, or skip it at all – you will quickly destroy your records! A special anti-skating record will be helpful- in XDiSC we also have these in our offer.

All in all, vinyl records are a great way to enjoy music. However, to keep your collection in good condition and enjoy the best sound quality, follow the tips and tricks above. Remember that your vinyl records are worth protecting and caring for, as they are often unique and valuable recordings that are not available in other formats. It is also worth remembering that vinyl records require more time and attention than other forms of music, such as mp3 files or music streaming. However, due to the fact that vinyl records are listened to in a more active and engaged way, it is a great way to enjoy the music and immerse yourself in the vibe of the album.

Nowadays, when music is easily available on the web, collecting and listening to vinyl records has become more than just a way to play music. It is also a way to get closer to the history and culture of music and to enjoy it in a format that has always been associated with true enthusiasts. After all, vinyl records are more than just a music carrier. These are objects that have their own history and value, and collecting and caring for them can become a fascinating passion. Therefore, if you are a fan of vinyl records, remember to take care of your collection and enjoy it to the fullest.