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Vinyl boom!

We are well aware that the retro trend resurfaces from time to time. The year 2022 brought a real breakthrough in the world of music. The vinyl renaissance is no longer just a passing fad; it’s a lasting trend that’s gaining momentum. According to the latest data, vinyl record sales surpassed CD sales in the past year! This is a revolutionary event for all analog sound enthusiasts!

Why is vinyl gaining such immense popularity?

The answer is simple — it’s not just about the sound; it’s the entire experience. Placing a record on a turntable, gently lowering the needle onto the disc, and then that warm sound filling the room. This feeling is irreplaceable.

Vinyl has become a way to escape the everyday digital world. It’s authenticity, something exceptional in the era of streaming. Additionally, vinyl releases often include bonus materials, posters, booklets, collector’s inserts, song lyrics, and artwork that are true works of art.

Does this mean that CDs will be completely replaced by vinyl? Not necessarily. Every format has its supporters and a place in the market. However, the success of vinyl records in 2022 shows that analog sound is thriving, and many people appreciate its uniqueness.

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