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DMM Dubplate by XDiSC

The DMM Dubplate by XDiSC is a 12.5-inch steel record coated with copper on one side, onto which sound is engraved using a diamond stylus on a special lathe. The engraving process of the DMM Dubplate by XDiSC is typically the first step in the complex vinyl pressing process. However, in this case, the engraving is both the first and the final step, making this record truly unique. Hence, it is an exclusive and one-of-a-kind product. The recording is only on the copper side of the record. Of course, upon request, we can engrave both sides of the LP as DMM Dubplates, resulting in a set of two DMM Dubplates by XDiSC. Since the DMM Dubplate by XDiSC undergoes no further processing or chemical treatments, the sound it holds is very pure, even ideal. That’s why it is created specifically for audiophiles who appreciate recording quality and should be stored in a specially designed box with a protective sponge and inserts to prevent scratches or other damages. Additionally, the box features a magnetic clasp and gold hotstamping foil to emphasize its uniqueness. 

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Wall clocks

The wall clocks are made from colorful vinyl records. They are produced using a special precision plotter that transforms vinyl records into functional and stylish decorations. Their universal design, with music as the main theme, adds character to any interior. With individually customized labels placed inside the clock, they acquire a personalized and unique character for each customer or artist. These clocks are not just functional items but also serve as artistic decorative elements in any space. We use a variety of colorful vinyl to create the clocks, making each one a unique piece that combines the timeless charm of vinyl with a personalized touch.

Antyskating record

The antiskating record is a completely clean record on both sides. It is used for proper calibration of a turntable. By using it, the quality of the emitted sound will be higher, and additionally, you will protect your records from rapid wear. The antiskating record serves primarily to check the behavior of the stylus during movement on the record. It is undoubtedly very useful for vinyl sound enthusiasts and should be regularly utilized. 

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ECO LABEL is our latest technology where graphics are directly applied onto a CD or DVD using a laser. The graphics created with this technology do not have traditional full-surface printing. ECO LABEL offers two options for graphic application: mirror background with dark inscription or mirrored inscription with dark background. The graphics applied with ECO LABEL can include text, logos, or barcodes. Additionally, in the production process, we use 100% eco-friendly materials such as recycled paper and biodegradable inks, and the packaging is not varnished. Upon request, we can also replace the presented packaging with an envelope.

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Etched Vinyl

Would you like your vinyl to have an incredible visual effect in addition to great sound? All you need is an interesting design that we can place on one side of your vinyl record! “Etched vinyl” is nothing more than a vinyl coated on one side with intricate patterns or designs instead of music grooves, which are only on the other side. “Etched vinyl” primarily focuses on the visual aspect of the record. Such records are often produced in limited quantities, making them highly unique and sought after by collectors. They undoubtedly serve as an artistic element in any music collection. Etching involves various techniques such as laser engraving, chemical etching, or mechanical methods to engrave or etch the surface of the vinyl. 

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Picture Disc

A picture disc is a special type of vinyl record where, instead of the standard black or colored surface, there’s a printed photograph or graphic. It’s a popular format for music releases, especially for collector’s albums. The graphic layer is sandwiched between two layers of transparent vinyl. This type of record is often cherished by music fans for its aesthetic qualities.