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from pressing to packaging

Optical media

We offer pressing of all available types and formats of optical media, at the highest quality and competitive prices.

We have a wide range of packaging, prints and special effects on discs. With our own DTP studio at our disposal, we make color patterns ourselves (certified digital proofs) and we use ecological UV-hardened inks for printing.

The specialists from our DTP Department will advise you on the selection of packaging and the appropriate printing technology, depending on the graphic design and the intended final effect. Non-standard projects are priced individually.

Detailed information, specifications, die cuts, patterns can be found in the DOWNLOAD section. 

Compact discs

CDs are made from polycarbonate plastic, they contain digitally coded information that can be read with the light of an optical laser.

They were jointly developed by Philips and Sony in the late 1970s. Originally, they were supposed to replace vinyl records. Due to their high capacity, reliability and low price, they became very popular.

A typical compact disc can store 700 MB of data or 80 minutes of audio. It has a diameter of 120 mm with a 15 mm spindle hole in the center.

The material to be pressed on the disc can be delivered in the form of a:

  • source recording
  • digital data source

If the material does not comply with the specification, we will adjust it in the authoring process.

Glass Mastering

The stamper is based on the master – source material provided from the customer. The first stage of production is checking the quality of the delivered master (without interfering with its content). Information on how to properly prepare the source material and generate a checksum can be found in the DOWNLOAD section.

Glass Mastering

The proofed material is then laser beam recorded on a specially prepared glass disc, covered with a photosensitive coating. At this stage, the process is similar to burning a disc in a computer burner. The glass master is baked to harden the developed surface material to prepare it for metalization, which is a critical step prior to electroplating. The resulting layer is a reflection of the recorded material.

The developed glass master goes to an electrogalvanic chamber, where a nickel layer is created in the electroplating process. Separated from the glass, nickel creates the master – a “mirror image” of glass. The master disc is subjected to further mechanical processes, and then it is checked in terms of mechanical and optical-electrical parameters. The master disc created this way is the basis of the plate pressing process.

CD / DVD pressing

The pressing process takes place in high-performance injection molding machines, where discs are formed from polycarbonate crystals under high pressure, into which the master, created in the glass mastering process, is imprinted. By means of vacuum metallization, a layer of aluminum is applied to the discs, followed by a thin layer of protective varnish.

The entire process is fully automatic. The resulting pressed disc is of high quality and durability.

Printing on CD / DVD

We offer a wide range of interesting prints that will catch the eye of the recipient and encourage them to reach for your CD or DVD.

We have one of the largest machinery parks in Poland, with screen printing and offset printing machines – all of them are equipped with scanners for reading individual tags on CDs and DVDs.

Depending on the chosen technique, prints are made in the CMYK color model or Pantone colors. In order for the text on the overprint to be visible and legible, the minimum font size is 4.5 (6 in counter).

Types of printing

  • matt or glossy varnish,
  • fluorescent and metallic inks.

We can prepare a master disc with graphics – as a result, graphic elements may appear on the side of the recording disc, outside the data area, on the outer edge. Drying graphic mastering, we can use any graphics, inscriptions, logos and anything that can be converted into a bitmap.

Special effects

In addition to the standard production of CDs / DVDs, our offer also includes non-standard pressing effects:

  • translucent CD,
  • golden effect,
  • CD with UV matt effect,
  • graphical mastering,
  • CD vinyl effect.

Ask our Sales Department for details.


Our offer includes multiple variants of packaging – cardboard, paper, PVC, sleeves, eco-packs, unipacks, digipacks and standard jewel cases.

We also design non-standard packaging at request.

At every stage, we offer professional help so that the final product meets your expectations.

The guidelines for packaging printing designs can be found in the DOWNLOAD section. 

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