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Authoring is the process of preparing the material that will end up on a CD/DVD. Files containing images, sound, graphics are prepared and then encoded so as to form a coherent whole. Audio and video materials are assembled and saved in such a way as to conform to the specification of the discs.

The scope of authoring services is determined individually, depending on the client’s needs and the type of disc.


The first stage of proper production begins with creating a stamper for replication of discs, from a material that has been provided by the customer or has been processed at the authoring stage (applies to CD/DVD).

Proper mastering is a guarantee of perfect quality of each and every medium that is created in our pressing plant. The mastering department transfers the received data to a precise stamper for CD or DVD replication, bearing in mind the importance of a correctly performed operation.


At XDiSC, we do test presses, at the customer’s request. This additional service allows publishers to conduct a quality control of the recorded material. It is especially important for large projects, to then start the actual pressing after approval by the ordering party.

If for some reason the test press does not meet the customer’s expectations, we always look for the causes and eliminate irregularities.

Quality Control

The plates pressed by us are always subject to detailed quality control both visually and sonically. This is a guarantee that you will receive great-sounding copies.


Our offer includes a wide selection of packaging – cardboard, paper, PVC, sleeves, eco-packs, digipacks. We also design non-standard packaging at special request.

The guidelines for packaging printing designs can be found in the Download tab.


Once your plates are pressed, they are carefully assembled and packed by our employees. At XDiSC, we have both manual and machine ready-made assembly departments.

There is also the possibility of numbering and disc signature. Everything is negotiable with us.


We have our own Logistics Department, so that your products can safely reach every corner of the world.

We distribute our records to all of Europe, USA, Asia and Africa.

For your convenience, we offer all services in one place.

Digital distribution

The XDiSC Digital Distribution brand, which is part of the XDiSC Group, takes care of uploading music files on download sites for purchase, on behalf of our customers.

We handle the entire aggregation process: filling in metadata files and transforming the music into appropriate formats.

It only takes one contract for your music or other audio materials to appear on 140 websites around the world, including Spotify, Deezer, Tidal, Apple Music and many more.

Learn more on the XDiSC Digital Distribution website.