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New wall clocks

What to do with a vinyl record that is not suitable for playing? You don’t have to throw it away at all – such a record can be used creatively to make an original wall decoration. Clocks made from colorful vinyl records are particularly interesting and eye-catching.

How are vinyl record clocks created?

Due to its shape, a vinyl record can be easily transformed into a clock face. Vinyl is circular, allowing for various cutouts to be placed on it. There’s no problem with attaching a clock mechanism and hour hands to show the current time. In XDiSC, wall clocks are produced from vinyl records in different colors – the clock doesn’t necessarily have to be black.

For the production of decorative clocks, a specialized plotter is used, which precisely cuts a previously prepared design, turning records into stylish ornaments with timekeeping functionality. Clock designs are prepared based on specific customer orders. Thanks to personalized labels, each vinyl record clock has a unique appearance, making it easy to match such a decoration to any interior, while highlighting the musical preferences of the owner. Uniqueness is added by the graphics cut into the record, characterized by a universal musical motif.

Why should you order a vinyl record clock?

Vinyl records are known for their high durability, and this applies not only to their default use – decorations made from vinyl will also easily withstand long-term use. XDiSC products are known for their durability and high-quality craftsmanship. The labels placed on the clocks don’t prematurely lose their colors, fade, or smear during use.

Using vinyl records to produce wall clocks helps reduce the amount of waste generated during pressing – production waste doesn’t end up in the trash but gains a second life, and their unique appearance is undoubtedly an additional advantage. Only eco-friendly inks, safe for users and the environment, are used for printing the labels. Professionally produced wall clocks made from vinyl records are suitable for gifts, as well as for enhancing interiors in public spaces and recording studios.