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Promo offer!!!

To each order of vinyl records (regardless of the quantity) you can get* 2% of the volume of our anti-skating disc. Here is an example of what it might look for you:

– when you order 300 vinyls = you will receive 6 anti-skating discs,

– when you order 500 vinyls = you will receive 10 anti-skating discs,

– when you order 1000 vinyls = you will receive 20 anti-skating discs.

Why do you need an anti-skating disc?

Good equipment and the best editions do not immediately guarantee the best sound. The turntable needs to be properly calibrated. One of the most important parameters we have to deal with is anti-skating. If we do it wrong, or skip it at all – we will quickly destroy our records! A special anti-skating disc from XDiSC will be helpful in setting the anti-skating.

ATTENTION! There is only one condition to take advantage of this promotional offer!

One necessary condition to take advantage of the promotion is to place an order and send all the materials (both graphic and music) from February 20 to March 6, 2023.

You can use anti-skating records as gifts for your clients, for musicians you work with, for lovers of the perfect sound of vinyl records, you can give them to your friends or use them to calibrate your own turntable.

Contact us to find out more about it:

+48 885 885 549


*For accounting reasons, you will receive a 99.975% discount on each anti-skating record on this order. This means that each will cost 1 Polish grosz (approx. $0.0435 or €0.0471 or £0.0536).