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Our DMS at the National Museum of Technology

The DMS is currently located in the computer zone as part of the permanent exhibition at the National Museum of Technology in Warsaw (PKiN). DMS Evolution is an integrated mastering unit used for producing production matrices for CD and DVD discs. The unit, originating from the early 20th century, was manufactured by the company SINGULUS OMP.

This fully automated station, under the control of Eclipse Mastering Software, transforms a digital file containing the image of a disc into a physical matrix for pressing it out of polycarbonate. The stamper produced by the DMS needs to be mounted in an injection molding machine to start the production of CD or DVD discs. The durability of a single stamper allows for the pressing of tens of thousands of discs. If the planned production volume is higher, the used stamper is replaced with a new one.

To consistently maintain high quality and fidelity of recording, the Block Error Rate (BLER) of the pressed disc is regularly examined on a computerized testing station. BLER is the abbreviation for Block Error Rate, representing the number of erroneous data blocks in relation to the total number of blocks recorded on the disc. An excessively high BLER value indicates that the stamper has worn out and needs to be replaced with a new one.

We encourage you to visit this exhibition. The National Museum of Technology is located at Defilad Square 1 in the Palace of Culture and Science.